Mexican Fan Palms



Mexican Fan Palm Trees (Washingtonia robusta)

The Mexican Fan Palm Tree (Washingtonia Robusta) also called the Washington Palm or Skyscraper, is a very popular fast growing indoor/outdoor palm tree. It is inexpensive, requiring only a little maintenance such as removing old and dead leaves around the trunk otherwise giving it the look of a ‘hula skirt’. The stalk of the leaf in older palms are armed with sharp thorns so be careful when trimming.

  • Temperature & Best Weather

    • Can grow in weather as cold as 18°F

    • Need to take caution lower than 23°F for leaves to know get damaged

    • Needs full sun to grow but tolerates part shade as a younger plant

    • High drought resistance

  • Soil Types & Tolerances

    • Clay, sand, alkaline

    • Likes moist, well-drained soil

  • Tree Height (Tall & Wide)

    • Can grow up to 50-60 feet tall and have been found to grow even 100 feet tall (this is why it has been given the nickname Skyscraper)

    • Can spread from 5-10 feet wide

    • Trunk can grow to 13 inches in diameter

  • Leaf, Flower & Fruit

    • Glossy green leaves (do not change in fall)

    • Fan- Shaped leaves grow to 5 feet longer and 4 feet wide

    • Late spring cream flowers bloom in clusters

    • Black berry look alike fruits about ½ inches in diameter grow after flowers

    • Edible fruits are sweet and taste like dates

  • Growth Rate

    • Moderate-Fast

    • Under ideal conditions can grow up to 6 feet per year

    • Grows best when receiving plenty of water

  • Pests & Diseases

    • Root rot can occur if this palm is planted on a wet site

    • Coconut mealy bugs, palm platid planthopper and scales can infest this palm tree

    • Palm leaf skeletonizer (a moth in which the larvae feeds on palms) can infest palm trees at any point in the growth

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