Queen Palms

Queen Palm Trees (Syagrus romanzoffiana)

The Queen Palm Trees (Syagrus Romanzoffiana) is a popular palm tree in tropical and subtropical climates because of its beauty and low maintenance. Grouping three or more palms together provides perfect shade for outdoor gardens, but if you live where there are high winds and hurricanes be aware that queen palm trees have a shallow root base and is known for falling due to those conditions. The Queen Palm Tree produces a beautiful fruit called the Queen Palm Date that attracts lots of animals and pests to this palm tree.

  • Temperature & Best Weather
    • Can grow in weather as cold as 20°F
    • Needs full sun
    • Moderate drought tolerance
  • Soil Types & Tolerances
    • Clay, sand, acidic
    • Likes to be well drained and occasionally wet
  • Tree Height (Tall & Wide)
    • Can range from 25-50 feet tall
    • Can spread from 15-25 feet wide
    • Trunk can grow to 2 feet in diameter
  • Leaf, Flower & Fruit
    • Green leaves (do not change in fall)
    • Leaves grow from 1-3 feet
    • White/cream/grey flowers grow in clusters in the Summer months
    • Non-edible ½-1 inch round green fruits appear in early winter eventually turning bright orange and hanging in up to 6 foot clusters
  • Growth Rate
    • Fast
    • More than 25 inches per year
    • Once established it can grow up to 6 feet a year
  • Pests & Diseases
    • Ganoderma butt rot can kill the Queen Palm Tree there is not control only prevention for this, it enters the trunk through wounds in the lower trunk and roots
    • Palm leaf skeletonizer (a moth in which the larvae feeds on palms) and cycad scales can be a problem for the Queen Palm Tree


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