Sago Palms


Sago Palms (Cycas revoluta)

The Sago Palms (Cycas Revoluta), is a cycad not a true palm, it is a very unusual but popular ornamental palm tree, and it is slow growing but can grow for 100 years. Also, as the Sago palm tree ages the trunk can produce multiple branches creating multiple heads of feathery leaves. This is a good plant for indoor uses as well as outdoor and grows well in pots and can withstand temperatures of up to 110°F.

  • Temperature & Best Weather
    • Can grow in weather as cold as 5°F but leaves may yellow colder than 10°F
    • Partial shade
    • Moderate drought tolerance
  • Soil Types & Tolerances
    • Clay, sand
    • Likes to be well drained
  • Tree Height (Tall & Wide)
    • Can range from 4-15 feet tall and can take 70-100 years to get there
    • Can spread from 4-12 feet wide
    • Trunk can grow to 8-10 inches in diameter
  • Leaf, Flower & Fruit
    • Dark green feather like leaves (do not change in fall)
    • Leaves can grow up to 4-5 feet long and 10 inches wide
    • Flowers grow after the plant is at least 15-20 years old
      • Female plants produce a golden round fuzzy flower
      • Male plants produce a long golden cone shaped flower (similar to a pinecone)
    • Non-edible and toxic fruits turn from yellow to orange over the Summer and eventually develop to the size of a flat ping pong ball by winter
  • Growth Rate
    • Very slow
    • 2 inches per year
  • Pests & Diseases
    • Poor drainage can be a problem as well as improper feeding


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