Texas Sabal Palms

Texas Sabal Palms (Sabal texana, mexicana)

The Texas Sabal Palms (Sabal Texana, Mexicana), also called the Sabal Mexicana, Mexican Palmetto, Texas Palmetto, or Rio Grande Palmetto, is used as an accent tree and good for medium to larger yards as they themselves grow quite large. They are tolerant to wind, drought, salt and most soil types. As it is a larger tree it is a great outdoor tree rather than indoor.

  • Temperature & Best Weather
    • Can grow in weather from 16-18°F colder depending on age
    • Part sun/part shade
    • High drought tolerance
  • Soil Types & Tolerances
    • Clay, sand, alkaline
    • Likes to be well drained
  • Tree Height (Tall & Wide)
    • Can grow to 50 feet tall
    • Can spread from 8-25 feet wide
    • Trunk can grow to 8-32 inches in diameter
  • Leaf, Flower & Fruit
    • Deep emerald green leaves (do not change in fall)
    • Leaves can grow up to 3 feet and are very wide
    • Small white flowers
    • Non-edible round-oval , black fruits come after the flowers
  • Growth Rate
    • Slow
    • Growing only a few inches per year
  • Pests & Diseases
    • High resistance to pests and fungus
    • Ganoderma butt rot can effect this tree


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