True Date Palms

True Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

The True Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera), although there are many palm trees called date palms this is the True Date Palm Tree. Edible dates grow on this palm tree, dates have high nutritional value and they are used in ice creams, syrups, alcoholic drinks, and vinegars and the seeds are used in make-up and soaps. It can take anywhere from 4-8 years once you plant the palm tree to bear fruit, and 7-10 years for commercial harvesting, mature True Date Palm Trees can produce well over 200lbs of dates per harvest.

  • Temperature & Best Weather
    • Can grow in weather as cold as 15°F
    • Grows best in full sun with part shade
    • Moderate drought tolerance
  • Soil Types & Tolerances
    • Clay, sand
    • Likes to be well drained
  • Tree Height (Tall & Wide)
    • Can range from 50-75 feet tall
    • Can spread from 10-15 feet wide
    • Trunk is about 16 inches in diameter
  • Leaf, Flower & Fruit
    • Greenish-blue leaves (do not change in fall)
    • Leaves grow from 1-2 feet in length
    • White or yellow flowers grow in clusters
    • Edible green fruits turn orange to red or dark brown, these fruit (dates) grow in clusters along the leaves, they are 1.5 inch ovals in diameter
  • Growth Rate
    • Moderate-slow
    • 6-12 inches per year
  • Pests & Diseases
    • Ganoderma butt rot
    • Palm leaf skeletonizer (a moth in which the larvae feeds on palms)


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